August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

Whoa! Life is revving up and moving faster than ever!

I got the call from BE Music (James Hodgin and Don Donahue to be exact) on Tuesday morning that we were CONFIRMED to open for Alan Jackson that Saturday! So in the next few days, we had to:

- Get t-shirts rush printed because I was out
- Buy a trailer and trailer locks
- Rent a monitor rig, sound board, snake, walkie talkies
- Find a band to fill in for us on the date we had booked
- Buy a merch display (table, backdrop, mannequins, hangers, cash box, lights, etc)
- Play Gruene Hall and Love & War
- Drive through the night 8 hours to Kansas

What a whirlwind that was!

By the end of the Alan show I had had two hours of sleep in the last 38 hours!

So here’s the report on the gig itself: FABULOUS. It was the highlight of my career so far. There were roughly 4,500 fans in the house, all amped up and ready to have a good time. We did the following 30 minute set:

- The Right Place
- Ride With Me
- I Am What I Am
- Overnight Success
- ’87 Chevy
- 99 Bottles

Long story short, the crowd loved it and we had a blast on stage. I pretended to be an Emcee and introduced myself, I threw out t-shirts to the most energetic fans, and I generally just goofed off and had fun with 4,500 new friends. The band did awesome and rocked the house…very proud of those guys…we’ve only been playing together for 3 weeks and they stepped up to the plate and nailed it.

I didn’t meet Alan, but didn’t expect to based on conversations with other bands that have opened for him. I could have “ambushed” him on his way to and from the stage, but I’ve already shaken his hand at the ASCAP awards a couple years ago, and I chose instead to be out at my merch booth signing autographs and taking pics with fans.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t walk anywhere afterwards without someone shaking my hand, asking for a pic, or handing me something to autograph. I was feelin’ the love! We sold more CDs than I’ve ever sold at one show before, and we made a ton of new fans! All in all, I felt validated, energized, optimistic, and extraordinarily grateful. Big thanks to BE Music and Don Donahue for setting it up, to James Hodgin and Rusty Redden for handling so many details, and to Alan’s crew for being so welcoming and gracious.

Let’s do it again!  Ha


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