Texas Like That


So excited to share my new lyric video for "Texas Like That."

And a big thank you to all those who sent in their photos of people and places that represent their Texas!

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Music Mondays


On Mondays I like to do a songwriting challenge on Facebook. The first 10 words you send in I'll write a song about. Here are a few of the latest.

Music Mondays


On Mondays I like to do a songwriting challenge on Facebook. The first 10 words you send in I'll write a song about. Here are a few of the older ones.

Zane Williams Added to CMAFest 2014!


Zane Williams and his band will be performing as part of the 2014 CMAFest on the Walk of Fame stage Thursday June 5 at 2:45 PM. This stage is free to the public and we would love to see all of the local and visiting Zane fans in attendance!

Tom Faulkner


As the praise continues to come in for my new record, I can't help but say a few words about the unexpected blessing I found in Tom Faulkner as producer. Tom was already a friend-as a fellow singer-songwriter we had done shows together-and it was during some long drives to and from gigs that our conversations about music started to reveal the similarities we share. The more input Tom gave, the more I respected and resonated with his opinion, until eventually I asked him to produce this project for me. Six months later, with the project finally in the can, I've got more positive things than ever to say about him as a producer and a friend. So here goes:

First off, Tom is a passionate believer in my music. He believes in me more than I believe in myself and is 100% on board to help me be a success in any way he can. Secondly, Tom is a SONG lover. He tailors the music to fit the song and help the lyrics tell their story. He never loses sight of the lyric, or proposes musical ideas that overshadow the message of the song.

Thirdly, he has a specific vision in his head for how the finished product of each tune should sound. To me, this is the main talent a producer should have: the vision for what the song should sound like, and the tools to make that vision a reality. Tom has tools out the wazoo, after recording commercial music and jingles for 25 years and producing his own amazing records. He knows each instrument and the texture it should provide in and out. He can give specific, musically knowledgeable direction to any musician on seemingly any instrument. He also has a solid database of DFW-area musicians, and has history with many of them that allows for very free communication and creativity while recording. I'm telling you-he's the man.

Fourthly, his demeanor in the studio is perfect. He is SO enthusiastic and encouraging, which is GREAT for inspiring the players and putting everyone at ease. At the same time, he is an expert at tactfully making suggestions and giving direction when something could be improved.

Fifth, he is a perfectionist. This is another key trait that I think a producer should have. Long after my brain is fried and I've quit caring whether the tone on that electric guitar could have a little less crunch to it or not, Tom is in there hauling out a new amp to try so they can get it RIGHT. And when they're done, I almost ALWAYS agree that yes, indeed, the tone WAS improved by making the change. And when you add up all those little improvements on every instrument, every arrangement, every song...THAT is what makes this record sound truly well-produced to me. It's that somebody CARED, somebody thought it through, and somebody took the extra time to get it right. And that "somebody", without a doubt, is Tom Faulkner. I may have written the songs, but any other praise this album ever gets should primarily go to Tom Faulkner because he really made it happen and it's HIS sweat and blood in it that make it what it is.

Lastly, I should add, Tom has become a real friend and mentor. He cares about so much more than just making a buck off this project and then moving on. He is interested and concerned with my family, my live show, the way this all gets marketed...everything. He is a singer-songwriter himself of course, and he genuinely wants to share any experience and insight he can to help me avoid the pitfalls he has learned about over time. As if all that weren't enough, he's a sweetheart of a guy, he's a great family man, and he makes a mean chicken enchilada. So here's to you, Tom! I hope our record keeps turning heads and making people smile!

(Tom is now helping with my live show and making it better than ever. If you want Tom to work the same magic with your new record or show, contact him at He will blow you away)