"Jayton And Jill" at #1 on TMC AND TRRR Charts


It's a great week for "Jayton and Jill" - not only is it #1 on the TRRR chart, it's also #1 on the TMC chart!

Zane Williams Nominated At The Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Show


Congratulations to Zane! He is nominated for Entertainer Of The Year, Male Vocalist Of The Year, Single Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Music Video Of The Year at the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Show!

Voting goes through June 7th! Anyone can vote by signing up for TRR Music Association FREE membership at

Jayton and Jill


I'm very excited about this new music video for 'Jayton And Jill'!
Story songs are my favorite songs, and the place they come from is a little more mysterious than the ones you write about your own life. I hope this will become a classic tale of two young people who society overlooked, who were able to save each other through a simple act of kindness.

Check out the full video below and let me know what you think!

Jayton and Jill Video Premiere


Exclusive Premiere of "Jayton and Jill" Video


Grand Ole Opry Debut


Thanks to Wide Open Country for covering Zane's Grand Ole Opry debut this past Saturday night!

Check out the article HERE